flowers for valentines day – Our Gaming Staff’s New Year’s Resolutions

flowers for valentines day

flowers for valentines dayWith a new year comes new resolutions. We here at Crave channel games are different and we have our own resolution to solve in the next 12 months. However, rather than commit to going out and getting more exercise or eat better, or often to visit his grandmother, we are committed to improve our gaming habits in the next year. How you ask? Well, read on to find out.

And please share the resolution of his party in the comments section.

Erik Norris: I have played many good games in 2011, more than I can count, in fact, to be honest. However, the means to play AAA titles like Uncharted 3, Gears of War 3, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, I lost sight of smaller, independent developers. Their games were, unfortunately, in the background and I feel bad about it.

We reach this conclusion, while Joey Davidson and I set our “10 Best Downloadable Game of 2011” article. The truth is that only played a handful of these titles. The fact that conversations with their quality, I just want to focus on the press in general select the last window. But it’s something I try to solve the following years.

I want to play more games for independent developers of small projects actually face a new area to experiment with how they perceive and experience the game. Unfortunately, it is easy to overlook the smaller ones where new packages are constantly shovel screen and on the neck of the latest, proven and three.

So this year I missed the train and go after the advertising is really interesting, innovative and above all, fun, provided that habits can have my games.

Joey Davidson: When I look at my pile of shame in the corner of my huge games room, a real resolution comes to mind for my campaign, 2012: I have to get a better game over. Lent? Court?Fun? These terminals I, no problem. These are the titles of more and more robust than what is done in one big pile.

I have yet to overcome Skyros (Skyros does not win?) And Deus Ex In fact, if you look at the title on this site, chances are that we can finish the game. 2011 was a crazy year for games. Once I had about 10 hours in a game, another title came knocking at my door demanding I spend my free time with him in his place. And bonds. I always oblige.

We decided to stop this nonsense. I beat the game to get (except for the revision of the title slide on my desk). Neither of these titles without losing my space clutter of life.

Mike White: In 2011, I played a good variety of games in one year we played before. My appreciation of the industry grew. The cost to play games so different is that I expected. I will end all. My games of choice tend to be online and are designed to have a clear finish. However, branched to the console and experience the joy of a player short indie title role. Indie games are perfect for someone like me. Coming to World of Warcraft, Rift and League of Legends, it is necessary that the games were short and very focused to get rid of my old habits.

Joey The first time I have Mass Effect 2, I struggled to get through a couple more hours of play My mind was not good for the style and scope of the game. When I was convinced to buy Red Dead Redemption, I jumped online mode, ignoring the single player element. I also received, Batman: Arkham City, which is amazing and I realized immediately, but not yet complete. In 2012, my resolution is simple: to finish what he started. First Batman, dead then red, then the world.

But do not worry there is still time for Star Wars: The Old Republic, League of Legends, Tribes: Ascend and others. I just finished my dinner before going to the desert.

Keen, Alex: the calm before January 1 has a couple of great games that have been sitting unfinished for some time. After discussing Bulletstorm after Christmas, tops on my list is Mass Effect 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and part of the cooperative in Portal 2. These are all games that I loved when I started, but I was distracted on the road. With Mass Effect 2, nearly 20 hours, so it can be much more than playing, right? I am a little unsure if I could take the time to DLC. Especially since another game on my list is Borderlands DLC. “

In addition to game consoles, in fact, committed to play some PC games this year. Humble means I have a stack of 10 + crowd Increase PC indie title that deserves to be played. Great time with a history of Jamestown and the cave. Other games are at least half as good, right?

Finally, in addition to complete only some of the previous titles and return to the PC, I want to focus only on games with great stories of this year. As I get older my time is shortest in the game.At least the games that the game must have something tangible to connect. While the spirit and deep emotional commitment shooter scenarios hello!

Paul Tamburro: E 2012. This reminds me of two things:

1) is so incredibly bright this year for this type of game in 2011?And 2) the other writers of this article is a joke Apocalypse? I hope so, because I have not really seen enough of these yet.

My New Year’s resolutions this year was played three times. First, I want to throw my money to avoid forced to leave the game turns.As someone who would make physical love for new technologies if the USB ports are not rectangular, this year I found myself drawn in 3D, so that hurt my pocket and self-esteem. So how are desperately trying to keep my attention 3DS, I realize that to see Mario, who was near the nose, headaches caused by the third dimension is not worth it.

My second resolution is complete, in fact, buy games. There was a time in the second half of this year, when I realized my wallet was not Scrooge vault and not really my spending limit. After realizing this, he began to buy Arkham City, Santos Third, WWE ’12 and Battlefield 3, which falls above all to continue my adventure in Pokemon Black. What I learned from this experience? There’s nothing more fun than the appointment of a cactus-type Pokemon “Loser”.

The third resolution is called do-able to convince everyone I know to work with a set of weapons to buy a copy of twisted metal, arrived Feb. 14 and then spend their time ignoring San Valentine’s Day to our friends and do something to revive the 90’s when the games are still fighting against a car was terrible cold and my father with my love of the Spice Girls forever

flowers for valentines day


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