Flowers For Valentines Day – Valentine’s Day fun planned as fundraiser for LAWS

flowers for valentines day

flowers for valentines day

EMC Lifestyle – Now that Christmas is over and we head into another year – 2012, we look forward to Valentine’s Day.Saturday eleven / 2, from 10 am to 4:01 p.m. Day Valentine’s Day will be picture with you or your furchildren furchildren Picture This studio, located at 154 Beckwith Street, Carleton Place.

Those scrapbookers there – and those interested should mark their calendars January 7, 2012 24:00 in. A day scrapbooking held a fundraiser for the law. Taking place at the School of Arts of Mississippi, 150 Mill Street, Carleton Place, the event will be held 9:00 to 9:00 p.m. at a cost of $ 40 per person. Lunch, snacks and dinner will be provided. For more information contact Liz Taylor at 613-762-6743 or There are only a few more days to go – ask quickly.

The law is very proud to share with you and introduce new and exciting changes, and procedures provides:

Playground leash

We now have a new fenced, off leash play area, which currently has two dogs and staff! All dogs were trained to work with agents of dog day care and providing socialization with other dogs exercise. It also offers staff the opportunity to practice basic commands of dog training in a realistic manner. It offers a safe place if necessary for interaction with staff and potential adopters.

Coming soon: our “Adoption Center” new in the early stages of development, but during operation will provide prospective adopters with a unique location for all needs to adopt!

Adoption of new procedures / professional help

In our ongoing efforts to match the dog adopted dog that fits their needs and preferences, and vice versa, we now have new procedures for the adoption! This helps users find the perfect dog for them and also helps them find the ideal family dog for any dog which results in less or not returned, which is our ultimate goal. If you are interested in adopting a dog, just to get to the refuge, where you will be asked to complete a “Questionnaire Tour” (which takes about five minutes to complete), to be considered and discussed with you the possible matches the course. The dogs are then removed from the potential for adopting a visit where they are trained on current orders dog training, personality traits and needs. We are very fortunate to have now on board withus, a specialist in canine behavior specialist training / dog to help with all of the above methods and also offers a hotline available for adoption in November.

DNA Test Kit

Have you ever wondered what your mixed breed dog is genetic?What mix of breeds is he / she is descended from? Law is pleased to offer this affordable DNA test kit, which consists of a buccal swab test easy and painless. The test should then be posted on. Once the results are processed in about two weeks, a membership certificate and picture dog breed completely, and a report on the composition of the dominant dog breeds, will be sent to you. Perfect for the adoption in November! For each kit sold ($ 65), $ 10 of income is donated to the law! Ideal way to help us at no extra cost to you! This kit is available for free at the reception.

THIS WEEK animals:

This week we have four beautiful German Shepherd dogs:

Schultz is a nice, mild mannered German Shepherd about a year and a half. He loves being with people and gets along well with other dogs. It shows teenage behavior as a puppy quiet, and it would take an owner who could match his lust for life!

Chayanne is a woman beautiful Sable German Shepherd. It has a striking color with dark shades around her mourning clothes. It is about a year and a half. She enjoys the company of humans, it has a great personality and she wants to please. She is comfortable around children and cats. This young beauty is waiting for someone to vote and to provide advice and lots of stimulating activities to engage his mind alert.

Abbey is a female German Shepherd about two years. It is casual, but very curious and aware of its environment. It is respectful of people and enjoy their company. She knows some basic commands, and a quick learner.

Kaiser was also present at EMC. It is a dog of great and beautiful German Shepherd for about five years. He needs an active owner who will enjoy his tenacity for life and enjoy his brilliant mind. He is eager to leave the shelter and find his house forever!

The sweet spot is a wire cat neutered male who is almost two years. It has a short coat black and white spotted that keeps them in good condition. When this guy easy mannered second anniversary in February, it was the law of the half of his life, and that is too long for a quiet boy. In the place where he likes to be pampered and absorbs more readily the love he can get, but he insists on this. When all the cats crowd of visitors at the end of catfish is, it is worth your cat sitting in the back of the group patiently waiting his turn and look to you, hoping to catch the eye with the bow in it.

Cilli is a cat with hair, blue tortoiseshell short woman with beautiful tan markings on all smooth coat. Cill just his first birthday and his birthday combined, and Christmas was finally leaving a cage and advance our new cat condo units, which is rapidly filling operation and cats! Cilli was with us for almost four months now, has been sterilized and vaccinated, and spent every moment she could out of his cage to play and jump around the room. We are sure that it is to keep all the cats in games Condo new tool for monitoring charge, as it acts much more kittens. This pretty girl wants to come home to celebrate the new year.

Cookie is another female neutered cat with short hair and a brown and white tabby harlequin pattern. She has such a calm expression on his precious little face that can not help but feel a little more at peace in his presence. It tends to be shy when meeting strangers, but quickly returns to its loving personality when she spends time with a person one by one. When Cookie is completely comfortable frolicking a little comic bursts bring a smile to those fortunate enough to attend. Cookie is a cute little kitten sure to warm your heart.

We are also pleased to announce within weeks in the last column, Cosmos and Gertie were adopted! Both will begin the new year off to a loving home forever.

“LAWS wish list

– Canned Cat:

“Friskies Pate”

– Pedigree canned

Dog Food

Paper towels –

– HE Laundry Detergent

– The dish soap

– Bleach

– Process lyophilized liver (used for obedience training)

– Easy-held vacuum cleaning equipment

– Small (Cat size) heavy (style Crock) Feeding Bowls

– Donations of money to buy multi-level Kuranda beds for cats

– New or slightly used Big Cat Tree (5-6 feet)

– Pet Nail Trimmer Dremmell (s)

– Vileda Mop Bucket

Scrubbing brush (Large) –

– Bridge Brushes strong

– Loins Materials:

100 lb Force Chains (1.5 meters long)

– Strong adhesive tape, duck color (red, blue, black or purple)

– Puzzle Dog Toy

Animals and shelter employees thank you very much for your generosity. I could have done without you!

Remember, if you lost a cat or a dog and live in the county of Lanark, please visit or call the laws refuge. ACTS now serves all counties and lost your pet can be safe. Contact information is below.

Lanark Animal Welfare Society is located on Glenview Road, just off Highway 43, approximately 2 km west of Smiths Falls. Shelter is open Monday to Sunday 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. Email us at PO Box 156, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 4T1 or call us at 613-283-9308, or e-mail

If you have lost a dog or cat please visit our website or the protection of a telephone or visit. If you find a dog or cat please visit our website to find the number of your local animal control.

flowers for valentines day


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